All you need is :

A passionate teacher

A tablet with a stylus

Boiling brains

Easy to use :





With Kassis, you encourage your students to take handwritten notes, draw and share with other students and teachers.

The notes may be exported and kept in a single document with your course.

No need to prepare your interactions before the class, you may address your audience directly.






Real-time collaboration

Team work is easier with Kassis. Immediate quizzes are possible with real-time answers from the students.

Here the students are asked to draw the mains rivers in France.

The teacher is able to show the overall class result directly on the board.






Active learning

Use interactive tools, quizzes, and whiteboards and

get real-time answers from your students.

Even the shiest of them will participate!





Make learning a sharing process !


Kassis is an app that transforms taking notes into a sharing active process with the teacher. Lectures become more fun and students concentrate and memorize better the course.

At Learn&Go, we always promote teaching by lecturing, the most efficient way, we think, to make sure the students get the teacher’s point.

Many research studies have proved that using a pen in the process of writing or drawing is forcing people to process what they are hearing or seeing, compared with passively typing.

Kassis is primarily directed towards students and teachers from high school up to universities. It can also be used in professional learning sessions.


A close collaboration with research labs


Kassis is the result of the collaboration of the IntuiDoc research programme from INSA Rennes, the leading French network of state graduate and post graduate engineering schools (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) and Learn&Go. The development took two years with experimentation in different classrooms at INSA, IUT and other graduate schools in France.