You want to put a little more excitement in your professional training sessions ? Try Kassis !


Tired of seeing your class passively typing on their computers ? Why not engage them in a more collaborative and active sharing experience ?
Kassis provides a new way of teaching that involves more interaction and pleasure for the students. Your students will thank you not only for the content but also for your modern learning method !

Students can take notes on their tablets by hands, directly on the teacher’s course. No need to print long papers. The lecture is directly updated and shared on real time on the students’ tablets. Quizzes can be made on the spot. Students can also share their own notes between themselves and with the teachers.

Various scientists have demonstrated that when motor skills such as handwriting are involved, the way nerve cells communicate with each other is found to be better for processing information. Thanks to Kassis, professional training makes learning more fun and far more interesting for both the teacher and the students

Enriching chatting 

A rapid assimilation  

Happy learners !


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