Our philosophy

Today, the power of digital in learning is obvious but the use of technology can also be repellent to many students and teachers. Learn&Go’s objective is to make every single tool a simple, joyful and efficient solution for the user, and make learning a real exciting and happy experience at any moment in life.


Promote Learning

The fundamental principles of a class is not only a matter of knowledge transfer but also a matter of interaction, collaboration, emotions. A class without emotion does no reach the mind. By enhancing emotion, Learn&Go aims to create a classroom based on interaction and intuitive work through a tablet.

We aim to improve learning through digital tools, from pre-schools to graduate higher education as well as in professional training. We make sure the handwriting habit remains in using the tablets since it is proved to amplify the student’s memorization of the course.

Assist Teachers

Teachers will have a light workload thanks to the digitalization of boring tasks such as the distribution of documents or the correction of exercises. Learn&Go allow the teachers to focus on other enriching experiences of the class.

Teachers can therefore concentrate on new exercises and interactions that imply more interactivity and sharing. The students are able to participate more actively in the learning process and be exposed more easily to new concepts.

Our Strengths

– The importance of the handwriting process in memorization of a course
– The app provides an interactivity that enhances the students’ concentration
– Transfering knowledge but also and most of all, transfering emotion.


We Learn as We Go,