Our story

How Learn&Go started

Benoît Jeannin created Learn&Go in December 2016 with one aim in mind : to change the way we learn and the way we look at education in general. The firm was born from the will of various actors : local research firms, the teaching community in Brittany and a social and business vision supported by local public organizations.


Learn&Go in the past

Learn&Go is the sister company of Script&Go which was created in 2011. Script&Go is specialized in developing digital solutions for the construction industry using the innovative handwriting recognition technology. Learn&Go decided to apply this technology into a handwriting learning application for children from 3 to 7, called Kaligo.


A new vision of Education

Learn&Go has been created after a three-year experiment that involved the IntuiDoc Research Lab of the INSA School in Rennes, the local teaching community in Rennes and local public organisations. They responded to a call for innovative e-education projects launched by the Ministry of French Education. Since then, Learn&Go has grown and developed other products.


Learn&Go future ready

After nearly two years, Learn&Go is now in its development phase, with the internationalization of its main product, Kaligo, and the launch of two new products : Kassis, and Kidoo.